#HowTo tell in 15 mins if someone likes you

Posted on October 6, 2010


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How to tell in 15 minutes whether someone likes you

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell within fifteen minutes whether someone likes you or not? There are subtle clues that people inadvertently give that can let you know if they feel favorably about you, or not. Most of these clues are expressed unconsciously and via body language that is observable.

The Eyebrow Raise

The eyebrow raise is generally reserved for members of the opposite sex who like what they see and it happens straight away. You will have to be on the ball to catch this happening as it only takes a second or so to take place, but is a clear indication that the person raising their eyebrows is pleased to see you.

The Smile

Although smiling can be faked a genuine smile can easily be separated from a false one because it is accompanied by eye contact and is broad, usually showing a hint of teeth when it is heartfelt and your entrance has taken the smiler by surprise.

A smile which is more of a grimace, or which is delivered with lips firmly shut tight, downward turning corners of the lips and a far away glassy stare is more of a made up effort than an indication that someone likes you.

The Lean.

If you are sat with a person who likes you then they are likely to lean in toward you as you converse. If they don’t like you very much then the opposite is true. They may well lean back away from you.

If you are standing then the other person will stand fairly close to you if they like you and will give you all of their attention. If not, they will hang back from achieving close proximity with you.


It is a positive sign if the other person has their feet pointing toward you, as we generally unconsciously point out feet where we want to go.

Of course, if the other person has their feet pointed toward the door then they probably are desperate to make a speedy exit.

Eye Contact

A person who is enjoying being with you will hold your gaze a few seconds longer than most other people. They will look directly at your face and their eyes will occasionally settle on your lips if they feel attracted to you also.


When we like someone we are drawn to touch them, even when we try not to! The touching isn’t overtly sexual in nature, and may be subtle such as little pats on the knee or touches on the forearm.

If the other person touches your hair often then this is a sure sign that they feel romantically about you, especially if they slowley move strands of hair away from your face while looking into your eyes.


Another sign that someone likes you is where they mirror your actions. If, for example, they pick up their glass to drink and put it down each time you do you can bet that they feel positively towards you.

Grooming and Shoe Tipping.

When a woman likes a man, and she is wearing the right shoes, she may well inadvertently play with the straps or tip her shoe on and off.

Both men and women tend to play with their hair and perform grooming gestures to make sure that they look their best when they like you.

All of these examples of body language indicate how someone feels about you and if they perform several within fifteen minutes you will definitely know that they like you.

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