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Posted on October 7, 2010


There is an old romanian saying,

“Would you rather be the smartest of the dump people or would you rather be the dumbest of the smart ?””


And I think this is very relevant also on the way people behave on the internet. Okay, I understand a lot of things about the alter ego, the need to be different,  but let’s be reasonable, I get all that, maybe I`m a bit different when writing this, but I`m trying to be as honest and frank that i can be, and as most blogging tuts say I`m trying to be myself.

A few moth ago, I read a great article on the reasons of online disinhibition, it`s about some study that reveals why people tend to behave different. The main reasons where : anonymity, invisibility,  stop/start communication, voices in your head, an imaginary world and my personal favorite no police.

What is so special about no police you ask ? Well I think this is the second most important factor on why the internet is as big as it is, of course after the possibility of interaction between people all over the world. Now you would say that the second reason is the huge amount of information, but sadly I have to prove you otherwise, just take a little time to think about it. The no police idea is the most inspiring thing about internet there is, because it all comes to the rules of the community you choose to be part of, and every community has its own rules. And after joining a community, only than you start to share content, ideas, and all sorts of other information.

Without a main “police force” to apply some universal rules, the internet is now the biggest source of diversity and content ( info , data, and almost anything you could imagine) in the whole world, and I hope it will remain this way.

As long as we can have some control and rules of our communities, I think everything should be fine, and that`s because who people that think alike tend to gather/flock, and that`s the source of the best ideas, content, and the source of our evolutionary progress as humans, the way we stick together and share our ideas, problems and the ways to resolve our problems.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde

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