What #Chrome do you use ?

Posted on October 7, 2010


After seeing that a lot of you are using chrome ( based on the feedback on http://laur3d.amplify.com/2010/09/23/chrome-is-overtaking-firefox-popularity/ ) , I have to ask you the next question… What version of chrome do you use ? After reading this article I started testing ( I tried before, the canary , the dev, and #Flock) and tested the Comodo Dragon and Iron, and to be frank I can tell you that I switched to the Iron browser, the same versatility of chrome but bit more secure …

I must admit I enjoyed also the Flock browser, but it still has a lot of bugs(it`s still beta) and have to admit that I was a user of the old one (firefox based) and liked it a lot better …

So ? What do you think ? What Chrome do you use ?

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Ask the Readers: Which Version of Chrome Do You Use? [Poll]

With multiple versions of Chrome and Chromium derivatives available there are quite a few good choices to select from. This week we would like to know which version(s) you use on your computer.


With each passing month Chrome is slowly but surely gaining browser market share. Google has also accelerated the release schedule for the stable, beta, and dev channels to get new features into the hands of computer users quicker. It really is easy to pick a version to use on your computer based on your needs and comfort level.

Perhaps you prefer a version that is not directly “Google branded”. You could have quite a bit of fun trying the straight Chromium Nightly Builds. Worried about privacy issues? Then SRWare’s Iron Browser is the one you want. Need extra features such as mouse gestures and IE Tab integration built-in? Grab a copy of ChromePlus. Or if you are a avid user of various online social services, then you should take a look at Flock’s new Chromium-based betas with a built-in sidebar. And finally on our list is Dragon Browser, Comodo’s entry in the Chromium Browser field.

With so many choices available it is tempting to try them all. Which version(s) do you use? Do you prefer releases that come from Google or others that have become available? Let us know in the comments!

Now that you have finished with the poll you may be interested in trying some of the versions mentioned here. You can download or setup the versions that you are curious about using the links below!

Set up the Stable, Beta, Dev, and/or Canary Channels of Google Chrome

Download the Chromium Nightly Builds

SRWare Iron Browser Homepage

ChromePlus Browser Homepage

Flock Browser 3.0 Beta

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

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