The #lemming routine…

Posted on October 14, 2010


Wrote this while thinking about the “lemmings” game… :P

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Social media breakfast
Image by the tartanpodcast via Flickr

Yep, just another usual mornin` drinking my coffee listening to some good music(hip-hop, quality approved) ready to go to work to my lovely lemming routine … after work, same old schedule, go to school, get back home, watch some tvepisodes and go to sleep … 

Now for real is this the big thing in our high tech community nowadays ? Although I use social media through out the day from my phone/ work pc/ home pc and any other way I can find to get on the internet, check my twitter, mail, messenger, amplify or google reader, I this the way to the american dream ? 5 work days a week some after work education (In my case a master degree) for a 2 day weekend(mainly used to get back in shape, get some sleep so I can start over on monday) and some 2 week of vacation time ? Really I don`t seem to understand this at all…

Okay, you say that social media is a great way to stay in touch and comunicate with other people, I agree, you read this from the other side of the planet(maybe, but u get the point) and this gives a nice confy`feeling, but, for real, this feeling has absolutly no chance next to the feeling that I get when I go into a bar with my friends and they tell me a funny story :D, I mean it gives a lot more joy than preassing a “Like” button or a retweet… Anyway, this is getting kinda late and I have to get going ( to get to work in time) …

Have a nice day :D 



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