Magic Mouse, Microsoft Edition

Posted on January 11, 2011


Well, I have to admit that I`m not surprised at all… Now I`m curious to see the Logitech edition of the Magic Mouse …

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Microsoft Touch Mouse unveiled, available for $80 in June

No, that’s not Microsoft’s Arc Touch mouse, it’s just the Touch Mouse. Confusing, we know, but this one is more than just a mouse with a touch strip — the entire top of it consists of a “matrix of capacitive touch-sensing electrodes,” and naturally, it supports different multittouch gestures. Based on Microsoft Research concepts, the device will support a slew of gestures, including flicks, pinch-to-zoom, and panning. That all is best seen in the video below, but the sleek black mouse also packs Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, so it should work on carpets, wood, etc. Like most other 2.4GHz mice out there it has a small USB receiver — sorry, no Bluetooth here. Undoubtedly, it looks pretty sexy, but according to the press release after the break it won’t be available until June for $79.95.

Updated: Microsoft has launched its Touch Mouse landing page and the mouse is up for pre-order now at Amazon. We’d wait for our hands-on impressions before pulling out the plastic, but that’s just us.

Update 2: We’re back again. The Windows Team Blog has some more information on the gestures. We also stole a few of their pictures and put them in the gallery below.


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